Healthy Food Facts

Complete your plate with fruits, vegetables, quality protein, and other whole foods, you’ll have meals that are colorful, versatile, and good for you. We've made a list of few that will help you in the long run!
Eating foods from outside makes you day by day unhealthy and fat. But if you eat those food prepared at home this will be healthier and tastier both.
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1) Apples 

Apples are rich in vitamin C, fiber, and numerous antioxidants. If you find yourself hungry between meals. They are more effective than coffee at waking you up in the morning.

2) Broccoli

It is a calciferous vegetable that tastes great both raw and cooked. It contains a very good amount of protein compared with other vegetables. It contains twice the amount of Vitamin C than an orange.
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3) Onions 

It is an antioxidant, containing anti-allergy, antiviral, and anti-histamine properties. The sulfur compounds found in onions help in detoxifying the body and aid in cellular repair. Maximum benefits are seen in raw or lightly-steamed onions.

4) Parsley

It is also great for use as a digestive aid. It is a breath freshener, anti-carcinogen, contains three times the amount of vitamin C as oranges.

5) Cilantro 

It is good for digestion and also soothes many common ailments such as headaches, coughs, and nausea. This cilantro is almost used in every dish that increases your taste as well as takes care of your health too. 

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