Impress Her next time you Host her

Calling your date at home can be stressful. Even though you've waited for this for a long time, when the time comes we start questioning everything because of the “nervousness”. Here are some Dos & Don'ts that one should keep in mind while calling your date over.

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1) Find a cozy spot

You know your house the best. Try to find a place which has a good ambiance. Candlelit dinners are the way to go so try arranging some candles!

2) Don't risk with food

We get it that you’re a foodie and love to try out new things but try to avoid experimenting with your food this time. You don't want her to go back empty stomach.

3) Don’t talk while eating

Remember, you want what’s inside your mouth to stay inside. Talking while eating gives a bad impression of your table etiquette.

4) Strike engaging conversations

It is quite normal that you enjoy eating and drinking but don’t let that be your priority. Talk and get to know each other. Before eating, ask your date about her interests and hobbies. During eating, ask her if she likes the food.

5) Don’t forget your manners

All girls like to have a guy with good manners. Be polite and considerate, the open door for your date, pull a chair for her, and most importantly don’t cut her when she’s talking.

Stay confident but keep your calm! :)

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