Netflix cooking shows to Binge-watch

Netflix has a show for all of your cravings.

1)   The Final Table

"The Final Table" is one of the most ambitious culinary competitions in the genre. The first season features 12 pairs of chefs from around the world preparing national dishes from a number of nations, including Mexico, Spain, England, Japan, India and the U.S.

2)   Chef's Table

The most renowned chefs in all over the world share their personal stories, inspirations, and unique styles. Each chef's discipline and talent is explored while he or she prepares an awe-inspiring creation.

3)   Sugar Rush

Time is of the essence on this cookery show that options groups racing against the clock to bake the best-tasting sweets.

4)   Nailed it!

Home bakers have a poor data within the room obtained redemption--and money--on this series.

5)   Zumbo's Just Desserts

Amateur cooks from across Australia compete to impress famous chefs Adriano Zumbo and Rachel Khoo with their dessert creations and win the top prize.