Dishes to try this Christmas

If your Christmas routine is to binge on gingerbread while listening to “All I want for Christmas is you”, then it’s time to bring a change. Why not try out some new dishes which gives out merry vibes. We’ve compiled a list which includes from drink to sauces to dishes.

1) Roasted Christmas Turkey 

One of our most loved and favored holiday dinner is a juicy roast turkey popular in North America, where it is consumed traditionally as part of cultural events. In some rural parts of Newfoundland Canada, deli meat is referred to as "Turkey Roll", commonly consumed by children. It is not only best for Christmas you can try this on other occasions also. 

2) Cranberry sauce 

Cranberry sauce is prepared from cranberries, which is also referred to as cranberry jam. This is a common item and is usually served in Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.

3) Roasted Christmas Lamb

Roast lamb with laver sauce is a recipe in Wales and Welsh cuisine. Lamb and mutton dishes are common and popular in all the old counties of Wales. you can also try some more Cuisine which makes your Christmas more enjoyable.

4) English Trifle

Trifle is an English cuisine dessert made with fruit and topped with whipped cream. This cream makes its texture and flavor yummier.

5) Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate, also popular as chocolate tea in Nigeria. A Combination of choco-chip with cocoa powder makes it extra flavored and delicious.

6) Rum Cake 

A rum cake is a holiday season dessert. You can find it in Italian-American markets during their holidays.

it is a fantastic dessert that is suitable for your house party, kitty party, home dinners, etc. if you wanted to try these with some more dishes that make your party awesome than do Book a cook via COOX.

7) Egg Nog

Egg-nog, also popular as milk punch, is made with milk, cream, sugar, etc First it is thickened first with egg nog and then given more texture by folding in whipped egg whites. It is a sweetened beverage.

So, don't be worried at all this Christmas and New Year.

Have these dishes prepared at your home by a professional chef and enjoy hot and fresh food with your guests.

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