How to get a perfect food picture for Instagram

There's no denying the huge appetite for food posts on Instagram, with chefs, bloggers, producers, and home cooks all snapping, sharing, and liking on the image-led platform. A staggering 500 million people use Instagram, and of these, 300 million open the app every single day!
Blurry brunches, dark dinners, and an ice cream that doesn't look appetizing!
Become a Pro at "Insta-Licious" food photos by following these steps.

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1) Focus on the food

This might seem a pretty obvious one but lots of people make the rookie mistake of relying on  the autofocus of the camera. One tap at the center of the screen can avoid your photo from getting blurry.

2) Clear the clutter

No one likes a noisy background, clear the background, and remove all the unwanted things from your frame. This is the era of minimalism this makes your food more amazing.

3) Organize

Orientation matters! If there are multiple plates on your frame, try to align them in such an order that it pleases the eyes for example multiple fruits can be organized from biggest to smallest or vice versa.
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4) Fill the frame

Try zooming in so that the pie or pizza you're taking the photo off fills the frame leaving no unwanted space or background.

5) Find natural light

Lighting can make your photo go from 0 to 100 real quick. Find the perfect window and adjust your food plate so that the perfect amount of light bounces off of your food giving a good touch of illumination!

6) Use post-production apps

Photo editing apps can help you highlight the parts of the image you want people to focus on. You can tweak the image’s brightness and warmth. BUT REMEMBER TO NOT OVERDO IT, your photo should look edible and not like the food that Charlie saw when he was invited to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

7) Patience is the Key

There’s no harm in retakes food photography is all about taking multiple shots till you get the ONE! Don’t hesitate to try different angles and move the plate around the table so that you can express as much as you can in a single shot. Let the ice cream drip and you’ll see it was worth the wait.

So We hope that these tips may have enhanced your knowledge on taking "GREAT INSTA FOOD PICTURES"
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