Top 5 dishes of Punjab

Everyone loves Punjabi food. The cuisine has become so popular that we are now able to lay our hands on all the traditional dishes which are now synonymous with Punjabi food & is served in almost all eateries across the country and has become popular abroad. Here are the top 5 dishes.

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1) Butter Chicken

Tender and juicy chicken in tomato and curd gravy with a lot of butter on top! This yum butter chicken makes my mouth-watering. If you want to know some more dishes than check this out.

 2) Amritsari Chole Kulche

The mouth-watering kulcha has potato filling wrapped in a crisp brown dough served with chickpeas cooked in tomatoes and onion gravy with a whole lot of Indian Spices. These kulchas are very famous at the north Indian side. if you want to know some more about North Indian foods than click here.

3) Chole Bhature

Made with flour and milk rather than wheat flour, Bhatura is the big brother of puri served with chickpeas made with a variety of Indian spices.

4) Amritsari Fish

Deep-fried fish marinated in spices served with mint chutney.

5) Makke di Roti with Sarso da Saag

The Best Punjabi dish: Sarson da saag te Makki di roti had with some jaggery and white butter. Saag means green and sarso means mustard the winter special.

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