Delicious Snacks that go with Chai

Chai or Tea is one of the most loved beverages in India and even abroad. A cup of hot masala tea in the morning or an evening snack-time is a must to freshen up and energize the body.  
Who doesn’t love chai with some amazing snacks along?

In India, we are all so obsessed with that fresh cup of tea to start our day. We like it so much that one evening without it is a nightmare! The type, of course, depends on the person whether you like milk, brewed, or liquor tea. Milk or no milk, How much sugar? we drool for it. But isn’t it so boring to have tea just on its own? Here are 10 easy snacks that pair-ups with happy evening Chai time! Also if you want to make your evening party special than BOOK a COOK via COOX

1. Vada Pav:

Vada Pav is a popular Indian street food recipe prepared mainly with pav bread and deep-fried batata vada stuffing. This snack is also referred to as Indian burger or Aka Bombay burger because it is popular in Maharashtra or Marathi cuisine. It is served as an evening snack, but you can be served breakfast also.

2. Bread Pakoda:

Bread Pakora also knew as Bread Pakoda popular tea time snack, breakfast, and also Indian street food. There are two ways to make this bread Pakoda either you can make it simple without stuffing or you can make it by potato stuffed.

This one is my favorite evening snacks or you can serve it on special Occasions also like birthday party, house party, kitty party, etc 

3. Papdi Chaat:

Who doesn't like Papdi chat? Yum, it's my favorite I think 99% of girls will love to eat this not only girls everyone wants to eat this mouth-watering Papdi chart. It is a popular traditional Street food from the Indian subcontinental.
They are crispy flat puris used in Indian chaats making it at home requires slight effort and time.

4. Samosa:

Samosa is one of India’s favorite snack items, Samosa is too good to be real. The crispy crackling coating with hot yummy masala sabzi inside, Samosas can make you salivate any time. The best part is  you can even incorporate sweetness into them! Mold it in your suitable way and munch on!

5. Aalo paratha:

If you feel like having something filling and tasty, Aaloo Paratha is the best option. It is the perfect evening  snack for those of us who love Indian Paranthas. The gel well with any kind of tea, even flavored ones!
You can try this Paratha with a sip of chai and put some butter on it makes it more delicious!

6. Pakoda:

Pakoras are the most versatile item in this order. You can practically make Pakoras out of all your favorite items. Internationally known as  Fritters, these are small explosions of flavor. On a rainy day, a cup of Tea and Pakoras is nothing but pure bliss. Try it in any sauce of your choice and enjoy your evening. Options are plentiful, vegetables or meat, they are equally exciting! 


7. French Fries:

Though usually eaten with fast foods such as BurgersFrench fries can be quite a good companion for Tea. This salty treat is adored by children and relished by adults. Seasoning is entirely upon you. Salt, oregano, chili powder, and herbs are good options.  


8. Potato Chips:

Hot fried crispy Potato Chips always bring smiles to our faces. Hot Chips and Hot Tea is the best combo for an evening snack. Light as a feather, chips nicely seasoned with salt or other flavoring agents, live up to the phrase crispy and awesome. These golden flaky strips are mouth-watering leaving such a tantalizing effect in the mouth. 

9. Bhel Puri:

Bhel Puri is mostly available yummy and a good snack for the evening. There are so many recipes, or you could just toss in anything you have at home. Any mixtures, bhajis, vegetables are compatible when it comes to puffed rice. Hygienic Bhel Puri clears the system and helps in keeping your body light and having them with tea ultimate desi Indian experience. 


10. Veg Cutlet:

Be it Vegetable Cutlet, chicken cutlet, fish cutlet, or any cutlet of  your choice, if you have them in the evening with your Chai, you’ll be compelled to feel like they were made for this sole purpose. I know this yummy Indian creation can turn your boring evening into a fun one. 

Try these crazy combinations with your evening Chai, you are guaranteed to have some fun. 

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