Famous Dishes and Their Origins

There are so many dishes that we have been enjoying, but we are aware of their true origins.
For E.g, if you think Pasta originated from Italy, you will be surprised to learn that it is not true! it was originally inspired by Chinese noodles. Likewise, many more popular Foods or Dishes, whose origin you might be unaware of! Have a look! 

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1. Sushi

Sushi is a Japanese Cuisine and is a very popular food and has its origins in Southeast Asia and NOT Japan! Sushi simply means some salt and sugar don't confuse with Sashimi a related dish in Japan. 

In Sashimi people used to wrap meat (chicken and fish) in rice for freshness in ancient times so that they could consume it for a longer duration and Sushi is traditionally made with medium-grain with rice.

2. Samosa

Okay, This may surprise you in Real!  Though it is originated from India, samosa was earlier known as ‘Sambosa’ or ‘Samsa’. This was  originally introduced by Middle Eastern chefs during the reign of The Khilji dynasty. 

In India samosa is one of the most commonly eaten snacks, highly popular and loved by everyone. It appears almost everywhere every OccasionHouse party, Birthday party, Kitty party, Street food, Party snack, Restaurant, and cafe also.

3. Apple Pie 

Apple Pie is a pie in which Apple is a filling ingredient popularly enjoyed in the USA. Apple pie was first baked across the Atlantic in England, where it was made with figs, apples, pears, or saffron.

It is often served with Ice cream and cheese also. it has two sections upper and bottom both are made separately, Upper crust my be solid and the bottom crust baked separately to prevent it from getting soggy.
It is an unofficial symbol of The United States and signature comfort food.

4. French Fries

We all love French Fries who doesn't!!! How about having it prepared at home by a professional chef?

This dish is best associated with American fast food but only some known The European truth behind its origins. According to America, Thomas Jefferson  after spending time in France as a foreign minister he brought french fries home with him.

However, The truth is that the fries aren't from France after all. The Belgians first fried strings of potato, eating them during winter months when due to the cold fish were hard to catch.

5. The Cheesecake

This mouth-watering Cheesecake has originated in New York. However, you will be surprised to know that  it’s the Greeks to introduce this first to the world. 

The Top Layer or thickest layer of it contains the cream cheese part and the bottom layer consist of a crust it is the base made from cookies, pastry, and sometimes spongy cake.

It is sweetened with sugar and also if you want to add some flavors like vanilla, chocolate, pumpkin, etc you can. it makes the cake more yummy and delicious!  

6. Ham burgers

The hamburger originates from German but some of only know that it is firstly identified in the USA as a patty. hamburgers are also known as a burger, It is a sandwich containing one or more cooked patties of ground meat placed inside the bun.

Hamburgers are sold as fast food in restaurant and burger is the cheaper option on the menu.

7. Nachos

As we all know Nachos dish is a Mexican dish but it is created for American visitors to satisfy their tastes. The  man who invented this known as “Ignacio”, which is where the name “nachos” comes from. 
Nachos have almost all protein, veggies, crabs, and full of cheese. One of my favorite ones but on serving contains 39% of the daily value of fat.

8. Biryani

A dish, associated with Mughals, is originally a Persian dish. its name is enough to bring water in the mouth! Biryani 
Some of us thought it is similar to Pulao but don't confuse with that. Pulao is another mixed rice popular in the Cuisines of Indian Subcontinental. Biryani has more Complex and Stronger spices as compared to Pulao.

Hope this helps clear all the confusion related to famous dishes and their origins.

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