Quick Workouts so you can afford to Binge Eat ;-)

Many of us Don't have enough time to work out or to maintain our body shape. Even I am also one of non-exerciser but if you want to reach your goal of weight loss or maintaining your body shape than you need to find time to exercise.

But don't worry about it here is a Good News: You only need 5 minutes a day. Lets have a look on this below article. Also if you want to take care of your diet without compromising your taste than you should check this service out. so that rather than going outside to eat junk food you can BOOK a COOK via COOX to eat tasty, and Healthy food prepared at your home. 

1. Plank:

The Plank is an excellent abdominal exercise. It helps to Stabilize and balance the body. Typically, an individually burns 3 Calories a minute holding a plank.
2. Sit Ups:

Sit ups will improve your strength, fitness and your health. Its main aim to strengthening the abdominal muscle. But remember do it slowly so that you cant get hurt.

3. High Knees:

High Knees is a cardio exercise which strengthens the muscles of your legs and improves your flexibility.

4. Skipping:

Jumping rope is best and simplest way to reduce your tummy fat. Not only tummy fat it also good for your heart. It strength your upper and lower body and burn lot of calories.