5 Gujarati Dishes People around the Globe Love

 One of the adventures of going to Gujarat is its multi-food. The most ideal way to realize the state is by investigating its cooking and Gujarat has mouth-watering authentic dishes. There are numerous occasional dishes in Gujarat like Muthias and extremely heavenly Aamraas. Average Gujarati thali is very yummy and has dal, roti, rice, and shaak in it.

 So, here are 5 authentic Gujarati dishes for you and you can try them at your home by COOX


This is a very famous dish from the State of Gujarat. Prominent ingredients used to make Khaman are Chana gram flour with semolina(suji), curd, and lemon juice. Finally, a tadka is added to it which makes it even more delicious.


It is a popular savory snack in Gujarat and also in Maharashtra. It is known by different names such as Dahivadi and Patuli. It is made from a batter of yogurt and gram flour and seasoned with a few basic ingredients like salt, turmeric, ginger paste with water. Khandwi is generally bit sized and rolled up tightly. Sometimes, it is served with garlic chutney and tastes absolutely delicious.


Thepla is enjoyed for breakfast and as a snack. It is basically soft flatbread of Gujarati cuisine. Ingredients used to make thepla is besan, methi, wheat flour, and other spices moreover, it is served as a side dish with certain meals. Dahi and sweet mango pickle(chhunda) can be enjoyed with Thepla.


Fafda is an extremely well-known Gujarati dish and is liked at practically all celebrations. Customarily, fafda and jalebi are the most sought-after sweet and salt mix in Gujarati cuisine. The two tidbits are famous as breakfast things among Gujarati individuals. A prominent ingredient to make Fafda is Gram flour with a couple of flavors. It is presented with chutney and fried green chillis. Fafda is likewise joined by shredded vegetables informally called hot Sambharo.

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