Awesome Kitty-Party Themes

 Themed kitty parties are very popular nowadays. The intriguing subjects about kitty gatherings can add zest and spirit to a generally exhausting party. Assuming that you are searching for some imaginative and incredible kitty party subjects, this blog is for you by COOX 


It is truly an outstanding and famous topic for kitty parties. Dressing up in a specific person like Geet or Gabbar, or as a Bollywood courageous woman or legends like Anjali and Rahul or Simran and numerous different characters you respect sets the tone. Go for a card welcome or an e-welcome with any of the famous dialogues from a Bollywood film or a card like an applaud stick.


The topic is everything Punjabi. The clothing regulation in a Punjabi subject party ought to be Patiala suits and plaited hair with paranda and jootis. Food in this theme can be choley bhaturey, chole kulche, rajma chawal, or chana chaat alongside lassi. An e-greeting can be sent alongside dhol and individuals doing the bhangra or gidha.


The Mughal period is a fascinating topic for a kitty party. You can have card welcomes with hand-painted Mughal workmanship. Moreover, the clothing standard would be Anarkali, Ghararas, or Shararas with kundan and polki jewelry. For this theme do a floor sitting arrangement and place hookahs and delightful lights with this finish the walls with silk and organza wraps.


The 60s and 70s were when individuals were into disco moving, women with bouffants and men with wide-leg pants. Sorting out a retro topic kitty party thought will be fun. A retro subject requires the "radical" look, with huge round colored glasses, a gesture of goodwill pendants, belts with wide clasps, bouffant hair, chime bottoms, enormous flower printed dresses, and the winged eye-liner. For decor hang disco balls in the room, this will make it look more beautiful.



Summers are the best opportunity to have evening lawn parties or poolside parties. This dress code can be anything agreeable and cool, and on the off chance that you wish to have a poolside party, swimsuits are an unquestionable requirement. Have a cool welcome for a late spring-themed kitty party with hand-drawn or printed mocktail glasses, popsicles, and so on.


The celebration of colors makes for an incredible theme. Send an e-welcome with a GIF or beautiful cards. Ask your companions to dress in white for the holi party along with this decorate the scene with pichkaris and colors. Talking about a drink, Thandai is an unquestionable requirement alongside pakoras, kebabs, jalebis, and so on.

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