This is for Meat Lovers!!!

Here I am listing down very popular meat dishes in India by COOX


Nihari is a well-known meat-based dish beginning in Old Delhi. Nihar is related to Pakistani cooking. The dish comprises gradually cooked meat, for example, lamb or chicken. The meat is cooked along with stock and various flavors like cumin, cloves, garam masala, and cardamom in large vessels. It takes somewhere in the range of six to eight hours for nihari to be cooked appropriately and is especially consumed in breakfast.


Vindaloo is a delightful curry dish that is well known in Britain and the Indian locales of Goa and Konkan. It is commonly made with marinated pork, yet it can likewise be made witH lamb, paneer, or chicken. The name of the dish comes from the misspoke Portuguese dish called Carne de vinha d'alhos, meaning meat marinated in garlic and wine vinegar.


Keema is a stew that is normally ready as a curry with fixings like minced goat meat, green peas, potatoes, ginger, bean stew, onions, ghee, garlic, and garam masala flavors. The name of the dish implies minced meat in Urdu. In spite of the fact that keema is most famous in north India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Keema is regularly filled in as a fundamental dish, joined by naan and different flatbreads. It can likewise be utilized as a filling for samosas and parathas.


This is enhanced with the freshness of coconut-poppy seeds, seasoned with fragrant flavors, the meat is slow-cooked in yogurt till delicate. The gently flavored, velvety finished Korma has warm encouraging flavors and makes an incredible side with biryani, pulao, coconut rice, and rotis. Besides, it is a Hyderabadi food and the cooking time will rely upon the nature of lamb utilized. Assuming it's hard meat, it takes more time to cook.


Galouti kebab is a customary Indian kebab that is particularly well known in Lucknow. The dish comprises lamb that is marinated in a mix of ground ginger, garlic, cloves, papaya, dark cardamom, poppy seeds, peppercorns, cinnamon, coconut, mace, cardamom, bean stew powder, and nutmeg. The meatballs are organized on a serving platter, and they're typically sprinkled with lemon juice prior to serving.

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